in 2020 i have joined rebelway

I've gained a diverse set of skills while wearing multiple hats at Rebelway, ranging from business and management to recruiting new instructors.

One of my proudest achievements at Rebelway was creating the most watched VFX tutorial with a total of 1.1 million views.

It remains one of my favorite projects to this day.

I have also hosted many live webinars with the main goal of connecting with the community and creating interactive tutorials for viewers to follow along.

re-design & re-launch

I developed a comprehensive strategy for the re-launch of Rebelway 2.0, focusing on creating a more engaging and interactive website.

Additionally, I also took charge of the website redesign and redesigned it myself.


I was also responsible for editing all the trailers for new Rebelway workshops, with the aim of creating snappy, movie-like tutorials.