Multidisciplinary Artist
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look at me! such a big picture.wow.

urban bradesko

Multidisciplinary Artist

At the age of 17

I launched my own video production studio in Slovenia with a bunch of friends.

It ignited my passion for crafting stunning visuals.

From creating music videos and Short Films
to filming documentaries.

''I gained a lot of experience in film-making and cinematography. ''

At the age of 24

I packed up my computer and moved to Glasgow, Scotland.

Where i began my jurney as an VFX Artist at AXIS Studios.
While i was there i also did some Realtime FX, Layout Supervision, Previz, Colour Grading and this one time i Supervised a mocap shoot! very cool!

i mean, i know some stuff about stuff so they saw some talent in me.

look at this guy... he doesn't even know what is about to hit him. LIFE! LIFE IS ABOUT TO HIT HIM! HARD! :D

Working at Axis I have had the privilege of working on many high-profile projects in the gaming, cinematic, and television induSTRY.

Collaborating with a team of brilliant artists in the studio, I have been able to hone my skills in visual effects, thanks to the diverse range of projects that I have been a part of.

In 2020 I joined Rebelway's Leadership.

Where I discovered my passion for Teaching and sharing my knowledge with others and Building Start-ups.

Through my experience, I have learned valuable skills that can help aspiring artist land their dream job in the industry.

I'm proud to say that I've created one of the most popular VFX Tutorial out there, with an impressive 1.1 million views. not bad! 

2022 I joined Matt Puchala on Theory Accelerated on creating the fastest GPU Accelerated solver to be ever seen, because passion for creating tutorials has never died, I am still creating tutorials, doing talks at the conferences, talking on the podcasts ...